Transporting Your Pastel Paintings

A trick to help protect your artwork

Toulouse-LautrecLots of people now days are traveling around in motor homes, campers, boats or staying in a variety of other options and seeing the countryside. Many are taking some type of art medium with them in order to paint scenes they fall in love with.

Pastels are a great medium to use as they are quick and easy. However, storing and traveling with the finished painting can be somewhat of a challenge as you don't want these works of art to be damaged.

If you are wanting ideas on transporting your pastel paintings then hopefully this may help:

What you are needing to do is to have a protective layer in-between your paintings. The best protection to have is a product called glassine.  Glassine is is a very smooth special type of paper it is generally non-static and it is resistant to grease, air and water…the beauty is that it doesn't attract the pastel particles….however, it can be hard to find and expensive - suggest you google and see if you have a local supplier or if you can get it online.

We have a paper here called grease-proof paper - it's a poor second to glassine, but does the trick as it is smooth also.

I suggest you experiment with some of your pastel paintings that you don't mind if smudged and work out which is the best protective paper to use.

Method Number 1

Depending on the size of paper you are using, invest in an artist's satchel.

Before you leave pack the satchel with:

  1. A drawing board - the best sort is a foam board, (Gator Foam), cut a little bigger than the size of paper.
  2. Bulldog clips.
  3. Cut a piece of cardboard to match each piece of paper.
  4. Cut a piece of glassine/protective paper, for each piece of paper a little bigger than your paper.
  5. Some acid-free artist tape.

Once you have finished your painting, tape it to the piece of cardboard, put a piece of glassine/protective paper on top and tape that to, then place it in your satchel. You can continue to add the paintings following the same method and all will be stored well until you get home.

Method Number 2 - If you don't have a satchel.  This is the method I use, as you can tell because this one has images....made one especially for the occasion

Tips on storing pastel painting



Purchase a piece of Gator foam board. 







Cut out two pieces, (easy to do with a ruler and craft knife), a little larger than your paper.







Attach the two pieces of board together along the bottom edge with tape so that it is "hinged", in other words, easily opens out.






Tape the inside as well. I use a tape that has a vinyl or cloth on the outside as it is thicker and stronger, and I tape another layer over the edges for extra strength.






Put your glassine/protective paper and artwork into the "folder" of foam board.







Clip together at the top with the bulldog clips.






This "folder" serves two purposes.  While you have art stored you can use the front of your "folder" as your board - attaching a piece of paper to the outside using the bulldog clips.

When you have finished, open up your "folder" and put your painting in with a piece of glassine/protective paper on top.




I hope these have been helpful.

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