Starter Kit for Painting With Pastels

Giving you a bit of an idea on how to get started


Before you even begin painting with pastels you need to know that it is a medium you do want to work with. 

So the first thing you should do is start with black and white and do some sketches using just those two colors.  Or you can get a set of Mungyo - Gallery set soft pastels of gray tone or earth tone.  Both these sets are brilliant to use and not expensive.

Choose a water color paper, maybe the Strathmore 300 series, 18 x 24 pad of 12 pages.

Once you have decided that you want to delve further into painting with pastels then the "Starter Kit" for pastels that I suggest would be:

Cold Red
Warm Red
Cold Yellow
Cold Green
Warm Green
Cold Blue
Warm Blue
Cold Violet
Warm Violet
Add to this black and white.

This will give you a set of 12 colors and you should be able to produce great art with this selected palate.

I recommend that you start painting with pastels using a simple set of pastels and a practice roll of paper.  Once you get into colors try Rembrandt brand, they are a good pastel and not too expensive even the seasoned pastel artist have some in their box - I do!

You can always add pastels as you need and as you develop your skills not to mention your enthusiasm. So go ahead and start painting with pastels.

If you can't get to a store then I suggest checking out Amazon. They have remarkable deals.




Learn to paint with pastels