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  • There are many things that you will discover about pastels that will surprise you. Here are three things that may help as once you start painting with pastels art takes on a whole new dimension.

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  • There are quite a few different types of articles about pastels on our site. All sorts of information on a wide range of topics

  • Books I recommend which can be used for painting with pastels or other mediums

  • An amazing range of pastel supplies to help you when painting with pastels along with a huge selection of art paraphernalia.

  • It is acceptable to use cheap picture frames when painting with pastels. A lot of artists can't afford the cost of framing paintings when using pastels.

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  • Painting with different types of pastels gives a totally different result. They can be used on a range of surfaces and the different type of pastels come in full or half sticks

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  • If you have any questions about pastels or painting with them write to me. I keep the FAQ section regularly updated

  • Framing pastel artwork can be quite a dilemma for those who are painting with pastels. The artwork itself is delicate and needs to be treated carefully.

  • Its knowing how to begin with pastels that is important. What to buy, how much to spend before you even start painting with pastels

  • Learning how to draw with pastels is really not as hard as it seems. As long as you have the right paper and a pastel or two, it's really all you need.

  • There are different recipes on how to make pastels. Here we have a simple one that will create new pastels for you

  • There are three main things to know when using oil pastels. They are different to soft pastels in that they have an oil base. Painting with pastels is really quite easy, you just need to know the basics

  • Usually when painting with pastels you apply layers of pastels to the surface. This article is about how to layer pastels.

  • Learn how to paint with pastels and discover pastel painting techniques. It is not difficult to learn about pastels

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  • There are certain things you will need when you begin painting with pastels To start try a smaller pastel set

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  • Discover more pastel artists who love using pastels. These artists are painting with pastels and showing their work on this website.

  • Check out these pastel painting pictures by various artists and see how others are painting with pastels

  • When I began painting I started using pastels then moved into other mediums. Now I'm back to painting with pastels as it really is my first love.

  • Check out the latest pastel book by artist Emma Ralph. This is an abridge version of her three successful Step By Step series.

  • Learn how to paint with pastels and discover pastel painting techniques. It is not difficult when painting with pastels to get rich color artwork.

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  • Learn how to paint with pastels and discover pastel painting techniques. It is not difficult when painting with pastels to get rich color artwork.

  • Here's a look at what pan pastels are and why painting with pastels has taken on a whole new meaning.

  • This video is a wonderful pastel lesson showing the art of portrait painting with pastels. Watch how the artist brings the image to life.

  • A selection of pastel painting images by different pastel artists. An amazing selection of art work done using pastels from both beginners and experienced pastellists.

  • There are many different pastel painting techniques that you can develop over time. Applying pastels to specific pastel paper and creating art is fun and rewarding as it's much quicker than paint

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  • Using soft pastels and hard pastels, Belinda Irving shares some of her beautiful pastel paintings. Her main focus is wild life.

  • Betty Fonseca shows us how she paints using pastels.

  • Beverley Flankey is a lovely pastel artist who uses different types of pastels to achieve her results. Pan pastels as well as pastels over watercolors is what she does best.

  • These are some original pastel paintings by Brenda Dryden

  • Here is a selection of pastel paintings by Carol Simpson. It's never too late to take up painting with pastels and Carol shows off her paintings done in oil pastels.

  • Pastel paintings by Cindee O'Connor. Cindee shows us great technique of abstract art and using pastels.

  • Elizabeth Hubble is new to using pastels, but she shows great promise with her lovely pastel paintings.

  • These beautiful abstract pastel paintings by Ian Fletcher show technique with colour, form and artistic ability iwth pastels.

  • Jemimah Dalagan shows off her first attempts at using oil pastels with these pastel paintings she sent me. Check them out.

  • These are some original pastel paintings by Lonnie Baker. Lonnie hasn't been using pastels for long and these are wonderful for just beginning

  • Lovely to see an artist new to pastels really painting some terrific pastel paintings. Marijke Baart is a very talented artist and we love showing her paintings.

  • Max Sibenius Trip is a recognized artist. He paints with oils and other mediums but here we showcase some of his pastel paintings.

  • View some wonderful pastel paintings by Mo. A new talented pastel artist who has been using pastels for such a short time.

  • Nico Matthysen is an artists who uses both soft and oil pastels. There is a tecnique painting with pastels and Nico has mastered it well.

  • One of the mediums Roger Newson uses is pastels. As he is out at sea a lot he finds using pastels easy and convenient. Check out Roger's work here

  • Painting with oil pastels show richness and beauty evident in these original pastel paintings by Sowmya.

  • Stefan Staykov pastel paintings are more of a hobby. Here are some of his works using pastels.

  • Gorgeous pastel paintings by Stephanie Comardelle Parria. Using pastels is becoming more fashionable and, as can be seen by Stephanie's work, is a beautiful medium.

  • These are some original pastel paintings by Stephanie Perry who enjoys using pastels.

  • Original pastel paintings by Terri Maddock a beautiful artist who uses pastels to create awesome paintings.

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  • Are you an amateur pastel artist? Would you like to show case your paintings? Visit my painting with pastels site and see if I can help

  • A selection of art by different pastel artists shows the versality of this beautiful medium. Some of these artists are new at using pastels, others are more experienced.

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  • When you begin painting with pastels a good starter kit for pastels is not too hard to put together. You can begin painting with minimum colors.

  • If you are uninspired then check out some of my tips for creative inspiration. Using pastels can be fun, quick and easy once you know how.

  • One of the downsides to using pastels is that they can be difficult to store or transport. Here's a way that may help you, a trick to transporting your pastel paintings that will help to protect your artwork.

  • Countless times I have seen my students needing to get some relevant tricks when using pastels. Here I share the top four that stand out when painting with pastels.

  • In this article we learn from artist Ian Fletcher how to use water with pastels in a slightly different way. Great thing to experiment when painting with pastels.

  • It's really not difficult using pan pastels. However, you will find it very different to painting with pastels. Here we talk about mixing colors

  • It's interesting to know how pastels are made and it gives a much clearer understanding once you begin using pastels

  • If you think using pastels is limited to just paper, think again. There are other surfaces suitable. Here we look at using pastels on wood.

  • Check out some videos on pastel painting showing tips on using pastels and seeing artists painting with pastels.

  • When you are working with pastels the pastel dust can be a bit of a worry. Just how toxic is it when you're using pastels and how do you protect yourself.



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