Showcase of Pastel Artists

Artists painting with pastels

Artists of varying degrees of familiarity with using pastels have been kind enough to share their pastel painting pictures here....thanks to you all.

If you wish to showcase your pastel art then go to Showcase Your Paintings and it will tell you all about it.

Do take a look at all these wonderful artists.....just click on the names below to view their pages.

Clark Sanders

Nico Matthysen

Cindee O'Connor

Ian Fletcher

Beverly Flankey

Betty Fonseca

Elizabeth Hubble

Marijke Baart

Stephanie Comardelle Parria


Jemimah Dalagan

Carol Simpson

Belinda Irving

Roger Newson


Brenda Dryden

Stephanie Perry

Terri Maddock

Lonnie Barker

Stefan Staykov

Max Sibenius Trip




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