Show Case Your Paintings

Are you painting with pastels?

If you don't have a website for your paintings and would like to show case some of your pastel artwork on your own web page on this site, then I'm happy to help you. A great way to let your friends and family see the work you're doing just by sending them the link.

This is completely free however, there are some "rules"

  1. A minimum of 6 paintings and a maximum of 21 (you'll see that I group them in lots of 3).
  2. Photos of the paintings must be sent to me as a .jpeg file
  3. I will need your artist name and a little bit about you
  4. Your paintings must be done in pastels - I will assume they are soft pastels so if they are oil or pan pastel or pastel pencil - then let me know.
  5. Titles of the paintings are optional.

I will also accept paintings done with charcoal.

Have a look at Belinda's page and you'll get the idea. Pastel Paintings by Belinda Irving.  I'm happy to do this for you, however, if you want to sell your paintings via this page - I will put your email address but no prices.

This is for those artists who don't already have a website, however, if you do have your own website....send me a couple of your paintings and your website address and I'll happily post both on my Pastel Painting Pictures page.

If you wish to have a page or want more information then please write to me at:



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