Pastel Paintings

by Stephanie Comardelle Parria

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Click the picture for a larger view - Enjoy!

Stephanie sent these beautiful paintings to me saying "I have a few pastel paintings that I would love for you to show on your website.  My name is Stephanie Comardelle Parria - I hope you enjoy them"





Pink Slippers

Mountain Creek

Baby Bucket 1

Baby Bucket 2


Stephanie kindly told us a little about herself. "I live in Southeast Louisiana - not far from New Orleans.

I first got into pastels in art class in 7th grade. Our art teacher had an off duty teacher come sit for us as a model. We had about 45 minutes to do the best portrait in pastels we could. At the end of the session, the model teacher was able to judge everyone's work (about 20 students AND the art teacher's portraits were ranked) - I was so excited and elated when she chose mine as the winning portrait.... Over my art instructor. The instructor was not quite as happy about it as I was... But to top of all the excitement off, after the class was over, the model teacher came up to me and asked to buy mine from me. She said it was just that good that she wanted to take it home and frame it. I just told her that she just paid for it with that awesome compliment. That's when I was hooked, I now had a new favorite medium for art...
I love how the colors are so vivid against the colored pastel papers I use. Capturing the essence of the paintings are so much easier when the medium cooperates with you as much as pastels do. I just simply love working with it."

I do hope we will see more of Stephanie's pastel paintings.

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