Pastel Paintings

by Stefan Staykov

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Stefan Staykov is from Bulgaria.  He began painting about 10 years ago.  Here's what Stefan wrote when he sent me his paintings:

"Hi!Tnak you an your letter!Thak you for your attention!That are my pastels.The pastel is my hobbi.
Excuse me for my bad English.
I like pastels,becouse they are very intresting and their colors is fine. I paintig with oil pastels. Now, I painting with soft pastels. I like and watercolors,but I don't understand it.
Thanks o much!"

Now, personally, I think Stefan's english is very good....certainly understandable - Thank you Stefan for sending me your paintings. - Emma

Note:  Stefan has not named his paintings.

Click the picture for a larger view - Enjoy!


Thanks Stefan.

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