Pastel Paintings

by Nico Matthysen

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Nico sent me these beautiful paintings and they really do showcase the difference between the oil and soft pastels.

"My name is Nico Matthysen and I paint with soft- and oil pastels.   I have learned that good quality pastels creates quality artwork.  I have always been a creative person admiring artist and the work they create.  Since childhood I have always been attracted to people creating art -  being able to appreciate art in a special way.  It is for quite a long time that I have not created any art but since September 2015 started again.  I am so much inspired by this medium and are always looking forward to start a new project.  I still have a lot to learn but I can already see the gradual improvement in my work. This is so inspiring!  I get my inspiration from nature, other artists and pictures.  I stay in Bethlehem, Free State Province of the Republic of South Africa."

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 Thank you, Nico for sharing your work ... we'll look forward to seeing more.

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