Pastel Paintings By Max Sibenius Trip
Pastel Artist

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Before you scroll down to view these lovely pastel paintings by Max, I'd just like to say that Max is a lovely artist from Australia and at 71 years (2011) a great inspiration to me.

Below the paintings is Max's bio. These paintings are for sale so please visit his webpage to find out prices etc: 

You can write to Max at

So, without further ado - may I present the art of Max Sibenius Trip...

Click the picture for a larger view - Enjoy!

Australiana Series 1
Australiana Series 2
 Australiana Series 3

Colourful Reflections 

Early Morning Light 

Italy, Coastal Village (1st prize) 
Old Grist Mill 
On The Beach 
Palm Beach NT, Australia 
Quiet Reflections 
Swan Duet 
The Old Gate 

from the pen of Max Sibenius Trip (Dutch) - Australia

"1997, Warwick, Queensland, Australia where I had my first encounter with the Art World, joining the local Art Group, studying Drawing and Painting Techniques with local Artists.

Through the years I attended Workshops in Clifton with Colly Wisson (Oils), Don Waters (Acrylics) and Ross Patterson (Pastels) to further techniques and style.

The introduction to Pastels in 2000 was a totally new direction. This instantaneous line and color of unfading freshness and intensity was the start of a new beginning. Pastel is a medium of unsuspected range and diversity. It does not refer to Pale color as used in Fashion, but comes from the French word ‘Pastiche’ a powdered pigment ground into ‘Paste’, mixed with a little gum binder and rolled into sticks. The luminosity of Pastels is a constant source of amazement.

Although Pastels are my preferred medium, I have recently gone back into ‘Oils’, water soluble, not much different from original oils accept for using water as thinner medium and cleaning up.

My Pastels have received various Awards in Queensland and New South Wales and are in private collections in Australia and overseas."

Thank you, Max, for sharing.

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