Pastel Paintings

by Betty Fonseca

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Betty sent me two paintings first with the letter: "You invited me to share with you my work. I am ashamed to show it to a Great Artist as you. I havent made a pastel landscape ever, i will try :)
I send blessings from Mexico city!!! - Bett"  Then she sent me some more paintings with a letter saying "dear. hope you are fine, I send blessings to you. with your course I hope I am getting an improvement. I try to make a good versión of some paintings I found on the web, hope you will give them your appointment. hugs, Betty."  
These letters were automatically translated into English by my email, but I certainly understand. 
 What beautiful letters and gorgeous paintings.





Teapot with Fruits and Flowers

Colored Bird

Selena Gómez

Cherry Reds

Summer Fruits 




Willie Nelson 


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