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  Would love you to share these wonderful paintings.

Here is a selection of pastel paintings from wonderful pastel artists who have sent me their art work. All have been painted using pastels in a range from soft pastels to pan pastels and mixed media.

Send me a picture of your pastel painting art work and I'll post it on my site for the world to see! Just email with your pictures attached - this is totally free.

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Paintings by Ian Fletcher
Ian is an artist from Cape Town in South Africa, he kindly sent in an article about how to use water with pastels.  Now he's share a couple more of his paintings, so all are here on this page.  The first three are painting using his water technique, the fourth one has an undercoat of acrylic phthalo blue.




Fish Tank

Paintings by Alicia Sotherland
Alicia wrote to me with these four beautiful paintings: "I stumbled upon your site today. It was very informative and I enjoyed browsing.  I saw that you showcase pastel work and so I thought I would send you a couple photos.  I have a website that I am sending a link to you as well.  Thank you for this opportunity. It is wonderful that you do this for artists who try to make a living at this." -Thank you, Alicia, I am happy to share pastel artists' work whether they be new to pastels or seasoned artist.  Please visit Alicia's website - she has some really beautiful work.




The Musician 

Paintings by Betty Fonseca
"You invited me to share with you my work. I am ashamed to show it to a Great Artist as you. I havent made a pastel landscape ever, i will try :)
I send blessings from Mexico city!!! - Bett"
  What a beautiful letter and gorgeous paintings.

Cherry Reds 

Summer Fruits

Paintings by Freda Sidaravicius
These two lovely paintings turned up in my inbox - thanks Freda, they're awesome.


Date Anyone


Old Boat

Paintings by Jude Reh
Such beautiful paintings from someone who is a novice with pastels.  Jude wrote "I just started painting with pastels last Oct. I started an art class last Oct. with a charcoal sketch and then moved on to pastels. But love the pastels. Attached are to of my paintings The first picture was the first painting that I did and the second painting was the third. What a challenge!"  Jude then sent me two more.









Paintings by Sue LaMarr

Sue wrote to me "Thank you for the invitation to show some of my paintings these are just a few of my recent works."  Happy to put them here for everyone to see.











Paintings by Patricia Childs

Patricia sent me the first painting ("Untitled") with her letter ""Hi Emma it was a real treat to make contact with your willingness to share some pertinent constructive help through your mini series. I was able the connect a few dots in using pastel that was so helpful. I will be using your lesson in the very near future thank you for sharing I am happy that I summited my email and receive your helpful tip.Here is on of my first pastel painting It was my first try and I was amazed at the results.Thank you so much" 

Later Patricia wrote: "Here's another Portrait I completed today (Ebony) using pastel pencil and Rembrant. I have been dabbling with art since Oct. 2010 I am loving pastel and eager to learn everything I can about it."  For first time using pastels....they are beautiful.  Thank you for sharing, Patricia.





Paintings by Karyl Bolton-Freeman

Karyl has not been long using pastels and she sent these three to me..."The still life, the old barn and the landscape are from the class I am taking. I see a big difference, just showing you. I really like the old barn but the tree in the rock was a place I passed every time we went shopping out of town and when I was young I figured we were almost home when we got to that place, I finally painted it." Thanks for sharing your work, Karyl - they are delightful.


Old Barn

Still Life


Tree in a Rock

Paintings by Soma Datta

Soma is new to pastel painting and I think she's done a wonderful job. You can see more at her website:


Bullock- Peace in Work


Conversations - 2



Paintings by Dan Vaughan
See more of Dan's paintings at

Hooded Merganansers

Laughing Gull

  Sunrise at Avon NC
Morning Fog

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