Can't Wait to Start?  

Then why not get a copy of this book and begin right away.  This will definitely be an added bonus to go along with the course. 


Step By Step With a Pastel Portrait.

This really is a "step by step" painting.  You can follow along as the pages in this book are filled with each small step I do in order to paint a pastel portrait. So here you'll learn:

  • How to choose your photo so you can paint along with me. 
  • Find out what you'll need on your shopping list. 
  • Learn how to make your own tortillons. 
  • How to avoid making mistakes with color 
  • Discover the secret to those strands of hair. 
  • How to make smooth edges. 
  • Why you should always have spare paper. 
  • A special bonus chapter on how to do eyes. 
  • Why it's important to have a ruler handy.   

Take a look at a couple of pages from the
Step by Step With a Pastel Portait book.

pastel portrait