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Continuing on from the previous page, here are more pastel painting pictures submitted by lovely artists.

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Paintings by Sabira Isat
Delightful paintings were sent to me by Sabira. She wrote to me with the first painting: "This pastel painting was painted on black paper and I used soft pastels. My first pastel painting but I enjoyed painting it." Both paintings have been done on black paper...lovely - thanks, Sabira.



Orange & Apple



Paintings by Tim Moore
Tim shares his 1st and 2nd attempts at pastel painting - thanks, and hopefully we'll see more.





Pink Sky

Paintings by Iva Kovacheva
Iva wrote to me via FaceBook and sent me these three lovely paintings. What she did say was: "I began using soft pastels a few months ago and I learned a lot from your site! (Thanks)….Venezia is my first painting and I've changed it a dozen times" - (for a first, it's wonderful!)



Paintings by Beverly Flankey
These are Beverley's 1st attempts with using pastels...and just pan pastels - fabulous first attempt hopefully we'll see more.


Girl on a Beach

Paintings by Rahul Sharma
These arrived in my inbox without anything about the artist, but they are so lovely I just had to share. Thank you, Rahul, for sending them to me.



Paintings by Rebecca Nicholson
Australian artist Rebecca wrote: "very first and second attempts at pastel painting, inspired by some native Australian wildlife..." pretty amazing for a first go with pastels!




Green Tree Frog

Paintings by Eduardo Luque
Eduardo is from Barcelona, Spain - His paintings are beautiful


Escala de pedra
Viaje a Roma

For more paintings by Eduardo visit his blog:

Painting by Diana Long
This is what Diana wrote when she sent me the painting " This was my first painting using pan pastels. I really like them!" I think it's an extremely grand effort for using pan pastels for the very first time.


Ken Lake

Artwork by Kathi Bobb
These are very interesting. Kathi makes cards and here she has used pan pastels as she finds them so vibrant. Here's what she says "I used a Kryon fixative, although I'm not sure I used enough as I was still able to smudge a little color on my finger shortly after I sprayed. I think the fixative was labeled as for Fine said for chalks on it."

Birthday Balloons
Chasing Dreams
Wide Eyed Fireworks

For more work from Kathi visit her blog:

Painting by Prabha Panth
This painting is done using wax pastels



Paintings by Anthony Coulter


Shed Alex
Sod House

Painting by Kathleen Robertson - see more of Kathleen's work go to the bottom of this page.

Silverback Gorilla

Three more paintings by Dan Vaughan
See more of Dan's paintings at

Marsh Byways
Great Blue Heron 
Hooded Merganser

Two paintings by Rhonda Bastet


 Pan Pastel painting by Arnaldo Baez 

Water Lily Pastel 
Pears on Suede 

Two paintings by Tony Clarke
His 1st ever pastel paintings!

Sikh Warrior 
Walk in the Park 

Three paintings by Sepideh Khanbolooki

Roya 2 
Roya 3 

Three paintings by artist Julie Walsh



Indian Man at Work

Mother and Baby 

Two paintings by artist Kathleen Robertson


"Images of Africa"

 Painting by Martha Butterfield 

Sir Higgins

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