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I want to welcome you to Painting With Pastels.pastel painting

Hi, my name is Emma Ralph and I have beeing using pastels on and off now for many years. I started with charcoal and pastels then went on to acryllic and oil paints, however, I found them a little restricting so went back to pastels and realized that this was my medium of choice. Over the years I have learnt so much that now I want to share this knowledge with you. My dream is to help, even just one, budding pastel artist to experience the versality and freedom of this medium completely free of charge.

So I invite you to look around this site for information or sign up for my 10-part mini e-mail course below, where you'll receive one lesson a day in your email box.

In My Free Mini-Course You Will Learn:

pastels What pastels are. 

Discover the different types of pastels and the benefit of painting with

pastels What you are going to need. 

Are pastels like other mediums? No.
 you need lots of things? No.
Here you'll discover exactly what you do need
 to get you started. 

pastels  How to keep your workspace clean. 

Pastels can be messy, but here you'll learn just what to do.

pastels Different techniques. 

There are some basic techniques that you need to know and others that
just make the painting really exciting.

pastels Should you use photos? 

This is a dilemma that faces many artists.
Find out exactly what you should do.

pastels The importance of Value. 

Knowing about value takes your painting from good to great!

pastels How to store and look after your artwork. 

Pastels are different to other mediums, so here we show you just how to
treat the finished painting.

And MUCH, MUCH more


Yes, Emma! I Want to Learn the Secrets of Painting With Pastels
and be able to create my own masterpiece!

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 Here's what a couple of fellow artist say:

Hi Emma

Well I looked forward to getting the updates of your mini course, there were items in it that I knew, but also some I didn't, but you did give solid advice.

Kath Robertson

Hi Emma!  First of all, I think you are BRILLIANT to have written a how-to E-book; it is truly the way to go now!  And I loved the link that showed yours, and other's work; it is inspirational! 

When I was in high school, and taking art classes, I learned the beginning basics on drawing and painting.  After I graduated, I went directly into a job painting cartoon animation (the old fashioned way) with bottled paint on mylar acetate "cells".  It didn't last very long, and I ended up in the corporate world, but still "puttered" with art as a hobby.

I am 54 now, and "re-learning" how to draw and paint, by books and classes (when I can afford them), trial and error.  I have been exploring as many mediums as I can, trying to find the "one" that fits my time, style and space.  That said, when I stumbled onto your site, I was intrigued.  Have'nt done pastels since high school.  So I signed up for your free lessons and bought some pastels and paper on ebay.  The moment they arrived, (in a broken, powdery MESS) I remembered all too distinctly why I gave them up!

But as I continued to read your lessons, I realized just how much pastel painting has "evolved", and how many new "types" of pastels are available.  I've seen pan pastels at work; but mostly from friends who scrapbook using rubber stamps.  It never occured to me that they could actually be used to paint a picture with. 

When I can afford it, I intend to purchase your e-book and learn more about the new, varied pastels available and look forward to trying my hand at it.  Thank you for the opportunity, the advice and the encouragement.  Happy painting!

Sincerely, Lauren Anderson          

Dear Emma,  

  I found your mini-series to be very encouraging and helpful. I am new at pastel drawing and your course has inspired me to I use my art journal more often and try new designs. It continues to be alot of fun. Thank you.

Lynda Sudah

Hello, Emma,  

I've enjoyed receiving your emails and learning more about Pastel Painting.

I'm hoping to get a selection of PanPastels shortly so haven't tried them yet.

You asked my opinion of the information you've sent so far. I think it is right on target for someone like me who's not used pastels much since my high school art classes (high school graduation was do the math! )

I'm grateful that there are artists like you who are willing to share their knowledge with perfect strangers like me!

Thank you Emma.




It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an artist in another medium. Whether you have dabbled with pastels and not really understood them or if you have never picked up a pastel in your life - you’ll get a wealth of information from this mini-course that will give you such delight and make painting with pastels easy and fun.

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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Pastel Painting That Brings Creativity to Your Life For Years to Come!

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