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As you are painting with pastels, sometimes you have a question about using pastels or about what to do in a certain part of your painting. This page is for all those questions.

Please write your question to me: and I'll answer it as quickly as I can. I'll also post the question on this page for others to see.



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+ What is the difference between chalk pastel and soft pastel?
+ I bought a small kit with all sorts of  art supplies. I do like the  has a small easel. I know I should buy pastel paper, but they didn't  have any at the store so I bought different watercolor papers. when I put my paper on the easel, I am picking up the texture, grain of the wood underneath. is there a board or mat I  should  put under the paper or will the correct paper stop this from happening?..sometimes it works to my advantage in the painting, but most times  not..thanks
+ I sometimes forget which pastel color I've used especially if I've left it for a couple of days. Do you have any tips?
+ I've been using Farber Castell pastels, which was a less expensive set since I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to handle the pastels. I have since purchased a Rembrandt set. Can these two brands work together?
+ I have done some pastels just practicing as I do oil paint.  From far away it looks ok but up close there are little white dots and I would guess it is from not blending enough, got any suggestions,?
+ How long do pastels keep when not used regularly? I have a few colors that I don't use that often and I found that some of them crumbled very easily, do they have a life span?
+ Should you take the paper off the pastel?
+ What is the best method for the initial sketch before we paint? tracing sometimes doesn’t work as the pencil can be too black and using a grid can be difficult to erase.
+ What can I use to blend the pastels and is it o.k. to use my fingers - I've heard that the pastel can get into the skin?
+ Because I'm not using a paint brush is pastel a drawing or painting medium?
+ What do I use to get the fine detail?
+ Should pastels be sprayed with fixatives?
+ What is the difference between Pastel pencils and Colored pencils?
+ What surfaces can you use to paint on?
+ I have some difficulty with the paper that I'm using - its too coarse. Suggestion please.

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