Books I Recommend

For painting with pastels

As I come across books that I believe will be of help to you I'll post them up here.  There will be a mixture of both e-Books (download to your computer) and hard books (posted to you)... but I will tell you which is which. Obviously I'm going to recommend my own one first.

Pastel Painting Books


Four Seperate Pastel Painting Books.  These four e-Books are jam packed with lots of information and step by step lessons for the pastel artist especially if you're just beginning or not been using pastels for long.  For more information click this link:  Pastel Painting Series (can be purchased individually)

 The Artist's Guide

The Artist's Guide. by Jackie Battenfield.  A hard book (paperback) on "How to make a living doing what you love".  This is a book for any artist of any medium who wants to know all aspects of the business of art. Jackie sets out simple steps to help define your vision for your life, and then breaks them into easier chunks. This book is highly recommended - an excellent resource for your art career. The Artist's Guide 

 Copyright 4 Artists

Copyright for Artists. This is an e-book written by Sarah Feingold who is both an Attorney and Jeweler.  If you are really series about your art then you should know how to protect it.  For more information here's the link:
Copyright for Artists.



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